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Rules for Access to the Electronic Resources in the University Library

Using electronic means to accept the sources of the "Rules for access and use electronic resources from the University Library."
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Access to online resources is granted exclusively to academic staff and students of Adam Mickiewicz University that are holders of a valid library card.
Login is activated after the following admission procedure: number of the library card + number of the Personal Resident Identificaton Number (PESEL).
Foreign students and academic staff log in after typing in the number of the Library Card, date of birth (YY.MM.DD) and the initials (surname first).
For example, the identification of Mr. Adam Smith, born on May 1st. 1970, is: 700501SA.

Should you encounter any problems during the identification process please check:

  • if your library card is valid (if not, go to the Circulation Department to validate it)
  • in the case of foreign students and staff, please contact the Circulation Department to verify the identification number.
The user is allowed to:
  • download a single copy of an article or have it printed solely for didactical or research purposes,
  • make individual collections of documents, including printing and downloading, required for research. Such collectons can only be made for a period of limited time (research studies, classes with students).

The user is NOT allowed:
  • to mass reproduce data (either in electronic or print form) from articles and journal titles and to store the data without justified reason (such as currently conducted research),
  • to redistribute or resell journal titles and articles, or their sections, to a third party (i.e., those not authorized) in any form, free or for a price. The only exception is granted to the interlibrary loans scheme between researchers (limited to print format and fax only) if it is not characterized by any form of sustainable cooperation,
  • to publish sections of articles and their reprints in their original or altered form without observing copy rights and providing full bibliographical references,
  • to let any third party (unauthorized readers) have access to electronic resources by making available computers (in the case of the authorization process through the IP address) to a third party, or by making available login and password (in the case of remote authorization) to a third party,
  • to use licensed electronic resources of the Library for commercial gain (other than research).

Available e-books

Image Earth and Planetary Science (Elsevier), Physics and Astronomy (Springer) and Environmental Science (Elsevier) featuring relevant literature in electronic form in these overlapping and interdependent disciplines of science. The collection includes over 1,000 titles published between 1996 and 2008.
Mathematics and Statistics

Over 1,000 titles covering a wide variety of subdisciplines in mathematics and statistics. Literature published between 2005 and 2008.
The two collections: Psychology (Elsevier) and Behavioral Science (Springer) include 250 books published between 1995 and 2008.
Image Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology - about 200 titles published between 1995 and 2007. Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.
Humanities, Social Sciences & Law

A rich collection (800 titles) of the newest literature (2005-2008) in the humanities, social science and law.
Chemistry and Material Science

Literature in Chemistry published by Springer, one of the leading publishers in STM (Science, Technology, Medicine). The collection Chemistry and Material Science expands approximately by 150 new titles per yeary. Currently, the collection includes books published in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Oxford Scholarship Online

The collection features 1815 monographs published by Oxford University Press covering the following research areas:
  • philosophy (513 items)
  • theology and religious studies (359 items)
  • political science (300 items)
  • economy and finances (263 items)
  • history (52 items)
  • classical studies (49 items)
  • biology (49 items)
  • literary studies (47 items)
  • mathematics (45 items)
  • entrepreneurship and management (45 items)
  • linguistics (41 items)
  • physics (35 items)
  • psychology (17 items)
Full-texts are available in the HTML format

CogNet Library

A collection of more than 400 books published by MIT Press spanning topics within the cognitive-science-oriented disciplines such as: biology, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, social, cultural and evolutionary studies.

Oxford English Dictionary Online

A comprehensive dictionary of the English language (over 500, 000 entries) supplemented with sample sentences from different sources. Updated quarterly. Includes data on etymology and phonetics of the words in all geographical varieties of the English language.
The online version includes 20 volumes of the second print edition from 1989, plus the 3-volume supplement from the years 1993-1997.


Dictionary of Old English Web Corpus

An essential electronic reference for all scholars of Old and Middle English.

The Dictionary of Old English Web Corpus is an online database consisting of at least one copy of every surviving Old English text. In some cases, more than one copy is included, if it is significant because of dialect or date. As such, the DOE Web Corpus represents over three million words of Old English and fewer than a million words of Latin, or almost five times the collected works of Shakespeare. Compiled as part of the Dictionary of Old English project at the University of Toronto, the texts in the Corpus are XML-encoded and are fully conformant with the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines( more:



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