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Dear Library User,

Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for keeping track of library due dates. However, as a courtesy, the Library will now email you a remainder notice with the due date information thanks to a new version of the system application of electronic reminder and overdue notices launched by the Library. A reminder notice will be issued to inform users about the date due. When a publication has not been returned by the default due date, an overdue notice will sent to the patron.

Electronic reminder notices will be issued seven (7) and three (3) days before items are due, whereas overdue notices are generated by the system and sent to delinquent patrons on the 7th, 14th and 21st day following the due date. Students and library patrons who fail to return materials after the third and the last overdue notice will lose their borrowing privileges and all library services available for them may be blocked.

The overdue notices service is free of charge. To update mailing address information you will need to go to ”Reader’s Account” in the online catalogue.

Have a nice day and do not forget to return borrowed books to the library on time!

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