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Open learning and knowledge, it is in your hands

- from the design phase to the actual implementation of an institutional repository

Warsztaty I Repozytorium

Workshop and Repository

to be held at Poznan University Library (ul. Ratajczaka, Room 62) on October 15

Poznan University Library is hosting a workshop on institutional repository aimed at those preparing to embark on a project of creating an institutional repository of their own. The title of the workshop is:

Open learning and knowledge, it is in your hands - from the design phase to the actual implementation of an institutional repository .

Researchers whose research work is linked to sustainability and who are financially supported by EU funding resources are obliged to deposit the results of their research output in repositories (OpenAire project). It is our job to provide researchers with appropriate tools to comply with these requirements. Repositories make it possible to promote the research output of the research staff of the University, to make it visible for people throughout the web as much as possible and thus, at least potentially, to be more frequently cited by other researchers worldwide.

The workshop aims to present to the participants real advances in the area and to teach some practical skills needed for the endeavor, i.e., the initial designing and planning of an institutional repository, working knowledge of the DSpace software and tips for efficient administering of the platform.

The emphasis on the practical side is undoubtedly a particular asset of the workshop. Participants will be able to get to know the DSpace software better, will individually create name sets and collections, will be shown how to manage user groups and will have a chance to deposit a sample paper in the repository. In addition, legal aspects of copyrighted material and issues related to efficient worldwide dissemination of scientific output on the web will be discussed and analysed.

The workshop will be held in a computer lab room and the methods will be illustrated with hands-on exercises. Participants will have a special purpose-made simulator of the DSpace software and a test base at their disposal. Technical exercises will involve groups of 12 people and each of the participants will receive instructional materials and a certificate at the end of the workshop.

We believe that the workshop, led by the creators and administrators of the first institutional repository in Poland (AMUR - Adam Mickiewicz University Repository), Ms Emilia Karwasińska and Ms Małgorzata Rychlik, will provide an excellent opportunity for an exchange of ideas and experience in the field and will contribute to a better integration of the librarians involved in similar projects.

Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Poznaniu

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