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Music Collection Division

Regular and methodical acquisition of musical collection for the Library started before the war, although formally the collections of the Music Collection Division were offered to the users of the Library in 1950. The prime mover behind the creation of the collection and first head of the music collection division was Kornel Michałowski (1923-1998). Kornel Michałowski supervised the collection until 1982, modifying its shape and identity.

The music collection comprises manuscripts of Polish and foreign compositions, unique copies of now-lost relics of old Polish music, collections of printed music, scores and musicological literature, papers and collections of many famous musicologists, as well as recordings of classical and popular music (vinyl records and CD’s) and tape recordings. The collection, universal in character, is focused on the musical output of local composers and the output of publishing companies in the region. Extensive bibliographical card catalogue available on site offers access to information on current and historical musical events.

Old manuscript collections (from the 13th to 19th c.) include a notable collection of graduals and antiphonals, tabulatures of London provenience from the 17th c, autographs or copies of the works of J.De Pres, Guillaume Dufay, A. Rosler, Christian Wolff, and of Polish composers: Eliasz Karmelita, Jakub Gołąbek, Jan Dawid Holland, Nikodem Biernacki, Bolesław Dembiński and others. Twentieth century Poznań composers are represented by Stefan Bolesław Poradowski (1902-1967), Walerian Józef Gniot (1902-1977), and Jerzy Młodziejowski (1909-1985). A particular place in the history of Polish musicology has the collection of writings of Prof. Adolf Chybiński, a prominent Polish musicologist. The collection of manuscripts related to music abounds in numerous archival material relating to Maria Szczepańska, Mieczysław Karłowicz and Ludomir Różycki. The collection of printed scores, amounting to 40,000 units, and editions from the 19th and 20th c prevail. Polish printed materials include about 650 prints published before 1875.

A collection of prints from the times of the November Uprising published in Poznań by K.A. Simon in the years 1830 – 31 makes a particularly valuable part of the holdings. The Library possesses over 1,100 titles of musical scores published locally between 1825-1975. Valuable foreign publications are represented by about 50 seventeenth and eighteenth century old prints, a collection of about a 100 Masonic song-books, and numerous first and early editions of C.P.E. Bach, L. Van Beethoven, W.A. Mozart and G. Rossini. The collection of musical recordings encompasses about 11,000 analogue recordings and about 3,500 CD’s. A collection of archival Polish and foreign analogue records from the years 1905 – 1945 supplements the collection.

Poznań University Library has been a member of IAML (International Associations of Music Libraries) since 1988. The head of the Section has acted as a co-ordinator of the Polish team of workers of RILM since 1967. Since 1995 the staff of the Section has been closely co-operating with the International Bibliography of Musical Periodicals (RIPM).

The Music Collection Division has its own catalogues: the catalogue of musical scores (arranged in classified order), the catalogue of the musical recordings and a bibliographical card-index pertaining to the musical and cultural life of the region.


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Ludwik Gliński, "Marsch des Generals Dwernicki", Warszawa 1831.
Ludwik Gliński, “Marsch des Generals Dwernicki”, Warszawa 1831.

"Et in terra..."/fragment pergaminowy wielogłosowej mszy/ XIV/XV wiek.
“Et in terra…”/fragment pergaminowy wielogłosowej mszy/ XIV/XV wiek.

Dufay Guillaume - Msza. /fragment/. XV wiek
Dufay Guillaume – Msza. /fragment/. XV wiek


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