Architecture without physical barriers

Disability amenities

Library without physical barriers – The University Library is committed to providing accommodations for patrons with disabilities  and provides facilities to help disabled people move around the building more easily and have access to the collections. People with disability problems have access to a wheelchair lift to get to all floors at the main building, while the  entrance to the Circulation Department building (Student Library) is provided with a ramp for wheel chairs.

At the Main Reading Room (the Humanities Reading Room), the Library also provides software programmes that allow blind or visually-impaired people to have access to electronic material.

In order to obtain the full benefit of attending public performances, a hearing enhancement system, using induction loop and radio transmission, has been installed in Lecture Room (upper ground floor, room 82). If you require assistance using the library or need additional information please contact  mgr Aleksandra Szulc, (, tel. 61-829-38-66, upper ground floor, room 81).

Reading stand for visually-impaired people at the Humanities Reading Room

The Humanities Reading Room (BC I) has tools for the blind and those with low vision. Printed materials can be scanned and converted digitally  into a form suitable for people with visual problems. The available tools include an enlarger, specially adapted computer,  screen reader and an A3 size scanner.

The Academic Digital Library (Polish: Akademicka Biblioteka Cyfrowa – ABC) is specially designed for disabled students  – it is a platform that enables students to exchange experience and information on specially adapted materials and is a  web-based centre of teaching and learning aids. The ABC platform is also used by AMU. Only disabled students are entitled to use the platform. At AMU, the service is administered by  Henryk Lubawy.

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