The University Library and faculty and institute libraries that belong to the library system accumulate literature that represents all academic disciplines and areas of study pursued at Adam Mickiewicz University. These collections mainly support the humanities and social sciences and do not include technical, medical and agricultural literature.

The University Library specialises in the following directions in acquisitions:

  • German studies – library materials that pertain to German matters, with particular emphasis on history, language and social sciences,
  • history and ethnology,
  • regional and local literature – library materials that originated and were published in the Wielkopolska region until 1953 (understood as the present-day Wielkopolska voivodeship and Greater Poland within its historical boundaries) and literature that pertains to the region,
  • Freemason literature – library materials pertaining to all aspects of the activity of Masonic and para-Masonic orders.

Some other notable collections kept by the Library include: the manuscript collection, old and rare books, music, iconographic materials, maps and atlases, social life documents, comics and graphic novels  and works of liberature, among others.

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