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We are happy to announce that we are now able to resume accepting orders for books from our temporary stack room. Books from the remaining outer stacks will be transported to the Library once a week on Wednesday and delivered within 8 days.

The following series of call numbers are available:

Collegium Martineum – Aa 115 – Uq 1782, 8o 


100 001 – 104 000
110 001 – 111 200
111 201 – 113 000
115 001 – 125 000
126 001 – 129 000
136 001 – 144 000
145 001 – 150 000
157 001 – 159 000
164 001 – 166 000
175 001 – 180 000
185 001 – 190 000
200 001 – 204 000
206 001 – 208 000
210 001 – 214 000
215 001 – 220 000
225 001 – 229 000
230 001 – 235 000
255 001 – 270 000

   275 001 – 285 000
   305 001 – 315 000
   400 501 – 415 000
1 365 001 – 1367 345

Aa 770 – Yx 23170, 2
 ID 330 – ID 1330, 2

 Collegium Chemicum

   325 001 – 355 000
   360 001 – 370 000
   420 001 – 425 000
   450 001 – 460 000
   593 001 – 640 000
   700 001 – 740 000
   770 001 – 790 000
   795 001 – 796 640
   798 001 – 798 130
1 055 001 – 1 063 000

205 001 – 205 840

Library catalogues on-line services

Please be informed that the University Library offers a new service to help its users order and reserve required material via electronic service. You can start ordering or reserving items straightaway from the online catalogue (WebPAC) – available only for the items marked with the button “Order” and “Reserve”.

In order to submit a valid order or reservation it is important to mark appropriate location for collecting books matching the location of the item. Failure to indicate the right location for collecting the reserved item will result in your order being cancelled.

Books from the library of the Institute of History can be borrowed for specified short loan periods only by research workers of the University and students of the Institute. Other users have access to the resources of the library in the reading room. 

Within the interlibrary loans scheme, libraries from outside Poznań can place orders for books from the stacks of the University Library only for those items which have the button “Order” activated.

The service is available for users with valid library cards.
Find a copy of a book that you are after and want to have delivered to one of the reading rooms at the library.
To place an order, click on the button “Order/Reserve a book”, if available.
Choose the pick-up location that best suits your needs, i.e. one of the three reading rooms at the Library, and then confirm your request.
You will be notified about the operation in the register of your orders in the Reader’s Account. Books are expected to be delivered from the stacks after about 30 mins.
PLEASE NOTE! While placing your order be sure to check if the book of your choice is eligible for reading room requests. There is a sizeable number of books that cannot be ordered to reading rooms!


With requests for books from the stacks – the system will let you know about the status of your order. When the user’s order has been placed electronically – the user will be informed when the reserved book is in the Lending Department and can be collected at the Check-Out Desk. E-mail follow-up messages on requests are sent as soon as possible. If necessary, you can update your e-mail address remotely from your Account Settings page in the on-line catalogue.

Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for keeping track of library due dates. However, as a courtesy, the Library will now email you a remainder notice with the due date information thanks to a new version of the system application of electronic reminder and overdue notices launched by the Library. A reminder notice will be issued to inform users about the date due. When a publication has not been returned by the default due date, an overdue notice will sent to the patron.

Electronic reminder notices will be issued seven (7) and three (3) days before items are due, whereas overdue notices are generated by the system and sent to delinquent patrons on the 7th, 14th and 21st day following the due date. Students and library patrons who fail to return materials after the third and the last overdue notice will lose their borrowing privileges and all library services available for them may be blocked.

The overdue notices service is free of charge. To update mailing address information you will need to go to ”Reader’s Account” in the online catalogue.

Have a nice day and do not forget to return borrowed books to the library on time!

Books requests can be ordered online using your own library account. Sign in to your account online and make a request for an item or see when your items are due in the on-line catalogue (WebPAC) –  click on the button “Order a book” or “Reserve a book”.

Books from the stacks are delivered to the reading rooms or the Check-Out Desk as specified by you in your request. The selection of a wrong pick-up location once the hold is placed may cause your request to be cancelled.

Books from the faculty library of the Institute of History Institute can be checked out by research staff and students of the Institute and other institutes of the AMU Faculty of History.

Non-members of the Faculty can use the materials from the collection of this library exclusively on the premises of the library.

Inter-library loans for libraries outside Poznań can be requested only for the books from the stacks and only when the button ”Order a book” can be activated.

Electronic reminders are sent 7 and 3 days before the due date, whereas reminders on overdue library items are sent 7, 14 and 21 days after the due date. The third, ultimate reminder on overdue library item will concurrently deactivate the user’s account until the outstanding fine is paid.

Reminders on overdue books are sent free of charge. Should the need arise, you can update your e-mail address on the User’s Account in the on-line catalogue.

Overdue fines can be paid either online or at the library (Check-Out counter in the Circulation Department).

To check your account and pay a fine via electronic banking, by a credit card or a bank money transfer, go to your online library account in the on-line catalogue, choose: “Check and pay fines” button and follow the instructions.

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