Educational Centre of Poznań University Library


We are developing a range of activities and initiatives to raise awareness of new training programmes and support to students in the academic year 2019/2020 addressing adequately new requirements brought about by new technologies and the growing need for digital and information literacy at the academic level.

Since 2013 AMU students can use the Educational Centre of Poznan University Library – a modern platform of library education providing e-learning environments and a possibility of remote participation in training sessions in source and information education supervised by an academic teacher – librarian.

The staff members of the Library, including academic librarians, subject specialists and specialists in research information are ready to assists first year regular students in preparing them to fully and extensively use the available offer of the Library. Third year BA and MA students are offered workshops in the computer room at the Library. PhD students are offered asssistance in improving their bibliographic workshops as well as are provided with training in searching techniques and strategies. Available library services and library resources are presented and discussed. Researchers are encouraged to use programs for managing and sharing research papers and discovering research data. Librarians help them discover methods for effective citation improvementand inform how to efficiently select information, handle bibliometric indicators and use electronic resources.


To register for a training session contact the Research Information Section (Oddział Informacji i Transferu Wiedzy)
Poznań University Library
ul. Ratajczaka 38/40, room.84
tel. 61 829 3849
Tomasz Olszewski

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