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FBC service provides free search access to the distributed catalogues of the digital libraries, members of the Federation of Polish Digital Libraries.
The resources are co-produced by a number of institutions such as institutions of higher educations, academic and public libraries, archives and registry offices and research centres.

WBC (Wielkopolska Digital Library) offers an online collection of the oldest monuments of Polish literature and provides access to a collection of academic text books and other reference texts as well as resources from rare collections from the libraries in the region. The following division into collections applies.

Basic collections:

Source-separated collections:

Poznań University Library has digitised and made available online on the Wielkopolska Digital Library (WDL) platform over 100,000 documents from the Library’s extensive collections. The participants of the WDL project include research and public libraries in Poznań. The ultimate goal of WDL is to create and provide online access to resources covering the following areas: education, cultural heritage (selected relics of Polish literature from Poznań-based libraries); regional studies (works related to Poznań); music literature (scores and literature related to music). More…

Federacja Bibliotek CyfrowychFBC On-line collections of Polish cultural and scientific institutions

The FBC (Digital Libraries Foundation) service offers easy-to-use search capabilities, ranging from the most basic search to advanced Boolean search strategies for e-discovery of dispersed book collections in a number of digital libraries in Poland grouped in the Digital Libraries Foundation.
These resources are co-created by a large number of scientific and research institutions such as universities, libraries, archives, museums and research centres.

OAIster: Catalog of open access resources 

Catalogue of digital documents throughout the world.
OAIster provides access to over 20,253,994 digital documents made accessible by 1,086 institutions. Seach by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Language

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Detailed division on:

  • National
  • Regional
  • Institutional
  • Selected digital collections
  • Electronic document processing and development

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