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Catalogue of The Brethren of the “Five United Lodges of Hamburg online

One of the separated collections of prints in the collections of Freemason literature kept in Poznan University Library is the collection of prints from the library of the Brethren of the ”Five United Lodges of Hamburg”. A printed catalogue of this library was published in 1910. This catalogue has been OCRed and reviewed by our staff and is now available online on our web site.

Catalogue of lists of members of Masonic lodges

The Library has an enormous collection of over forty thousand lists of members of Masonic lodges. The lists are predominantly those of German lodges, but also include information on a number of other lists from other European and non-European countries. To download the catalogue click the follwing link.

A catalogue of Free-Masonic French prints

A list of nearly 2.5 thousand French Masonic prints, with thematic categories, devised in the article: "Materiały do katalogu druków w języku francuskim w Zbiorach Masońskich Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu" [Materials on the catalogue of prints in the French language held in the Masonic collection of Poznan University Library].

Online publications on the Masonic collection in the University Library

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