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Social Life Documents

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mgr Agnieszka Urbańska, kustosz

The Section forms a part of the Special Collection Department and originated in 1964.

The collection of social life documents is made up of over 100,000 units and includes retrospective prints published in the years 1801 – 1948 grouped thematically.

There are also prints published at the times of the Targowica Confederation and the times of the second partition of Poland, prints relating to the Duchy of Greater Poland (Grossherzogtum Posen), handbills issued during the Spring of the Nations, political handbills from the times of WWI and WWII (Nazi’s posters, bills and announcements of the German occupation authorities, newer documents issued after the year 1948 and obtained by the Library by way of its deposit copy procedures, purchase or gifts. Another interesting part of the collection is the material of clandestine publications in communist Poland, a large collection of posters and the collection of local newspapers.

The Social Life Documentation Section specialises in gathering and collecting historical and contemporary material pertaining to the region and useful in the local studies (Poznań and the Wielkopolska region).

All the materials are made available for the users in the reading room of the Special Collection Dept.

The available catalogues include: local press, thematic sets of materials, exhibitions and posters. Additionally, there is a card-index of people.


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