Rules and regulations


I. General provisions

1. The university library and departmental libraries, thereafter called ”Libraries” or ”Library”, form the Adam Mickiewicz University’s library and information system in the meaning of Article 88 of the AMU Statute.

2. Libraries provide access to their collections at the following locations and in the following manner:

a.  on the premises of libraries in the reading rooms;

b.  via the Interlibrary Loans Service;

c.   via the computer network (e-resources);

d.  through document delivery requesting service for readers from outside Poznań and other libraries outside the AMU library and information system;

e.  subject to the provisions of a deposit agreement between the libraries of the library and information system.

3. Within the meaning of these regulations, the ”Library Card” is understood to mean:

a.  for students – the Electronic Student ID card (Polish: ELS), registered in the library computer system;

b.  for members of the public  – the ”Reader Identification Card” bearing a unique code and the logo of the  Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries.

4. Library collections can be accessed using User’s valid library card or a temporary one-day ticket. User’s library account can be activated as follows:

a. on the premises of the library – a valid ID document or valid student ID are required and, for AMU staff members produce documents that verify AMU employment. Registration fee applies. The prospective User is required to acknowledge the rules, terms and conditions for using the system and Regulations as well as the Information Clause for AMU library users;

b.  remotely – using the application provided on the homepage of the University Library.

All the formalities related to registration and annual renewal of the library account should be completed in person.

5. When registering with the library it is necessary to complete and sign the Declaration of the Library Reader of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Subject to the requirements according to Article 95 of the Statute of the AMU, the following personal data should be provided in the Declaration: surname, name, middle name (if applicable), PESEL number, library card number (ELS), address for correspondence and e-mail address. In order to enable the library to send information about order fulfilment, reminders about the impending due date of borrowed materials and electronic reminders, the reader is expected to provide his or her e-mail address. In addition, the reader may give his or her consent to obtain via e-mail organisational information and promotional materials related to training sessions, conferences and other educational and cultural events, including information of commercial nature as understood in the stipulations provided in art. 10 Section 2 of the Act on the Electronic Provision of Services of 18 July 2002.

6.  All personal data are administrated by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, ul. Wieniawskiego 1, 61-712 Poznań. Contact with Data Protection Officer is provided at the request:

7. Personal data will be processed to make the reader’s access to library collections possible with the application of the joint IT system operating within the Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries and resulting from the objectives and obligations imposed on the Administrator stemming from the Act of 27 June 1997 on libraries (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws), 2018 r., item 574) and the Act of 20 July 2018 – the Law on Higher Education and Science (Dz. U. 2018, item. 1668 as amended). The legal basis for processing personal data is provided by Art. 6 par. 1 item ( b) and (c) of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of 27 April 2016 r. (UE Official Journal L.2016.119.1 as amended), in connection with art. 49 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1668, as amended) and the provisions of the Act of 27 June 1997 on libraries (Journal of Laws, 2018, item 574) and art. 6 par. item (a) of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal data of  27 April 2016 r. (Dz.U.UE.L.2016.119.1, as amended), if applicable. Access to personal data is strictly limited to authorised Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries employees to the extent necessary to provide services in compliance with an agreement entered into with the Administrator.

8. Personal data provided by the user will be stored for a period arising from the provisions of law indicated above and necessary to exercise the rights and obligations arising from the services provided to users, but not longer than 6 years from the date of issuing a statement from the Library that a user’s account has been closed in a regular procedure and contains no outstanding loans or fines, and, in the case of data obtained with the consent of the user – until the consent is withdrawn. Users have the right to demand access their personal data from the Administrator, the right to update or correct their personal data, remove or limit the processing rights, raise objections to processing of data, transfer data and revoke their consent for processing data at any given time. The user has the right to submit a complaint to the relevant supervisory body – President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.

9. The provision of personal data is voluntary yet necessary for the achievement of the purposes for which they have been collected. Failure to submit requested data may prevent further access to services and resources of the library. To ensure the quality of the service and better communication with the library the user’s phone number can be voluntarily provided by the user. Withdrawal of the consent to provide phone number will adversely affect access to offered library services and resources.

10. Libraries can activate library accounts for:

a. academic staff members of the University, PhD students and AMU students;

b. other individual and institutional users – in accordance with the detailed rules and procedures specified in departmental regulations for individual libraries.

11. Activation of library accounts for institutional users can only be done at the University Library

12.   The rights resulting from having a library account are not transferrable to third parties and can only be used by the named person.

13.  The library user is obliged to immediately notify in person the library about any changes in the correspondence address, degree course and type of studies, affiliation to faculty or university, and loss of the Student’s Electronic Card or the Reader’s Card. The library, based on the application and relevant documents, updates the data or issues a duplicate card.

14.   The costs of issuing a new card and re-registration as well as damage resulting from negligence shall be charged to the account holder.

15.   Detailed rules for making particular types of the collections and the use of technical devices and fees charged, determined in accordance with the AMU Statute, are made available in libraries.

16.   Licensed electronic resources of libraries can be used in accordance with the „Principles of access and use of electronic resources of AMU libraries” available on the website of the University Library. The use of electronic resources is possible both on computer workstations in libraries and remotely.

II. Reading rooms

17.  All members of the public are entitled to use the collections in reading rooms based on the unexpired library card or temporary one-day ticket.

18. Upon entering the reading room, the above mentioned unexpired library card or a temporary one-day ticket shall be handed directly to the librarian on duty; in the case of the Reader Card and one-day ticket, a document with a photo confirming the identity shall additionally be presented. Non-library-owned books should be reported to the librarian on duty.

19. Items from the collections of libraries are made available to readers in open access and are delivered from the stacks after prior order or on the basis of the document delivery service through the agency of interlibrary loan service.

20. At the request of the reader, the library reserves the works ordered. Booking dates are specified by the rules for accessing resources set by individual libraries in the library system. Books from reference collections in the reading rooms cannot be reserved.

21. The original copies of printed materials microfilmed and digitised are not available for personal inspection in reading rooms.

III. Checking books out

22. The following categories of readers can access or apply for access to library materials:

a.  academic staff members, research and PhD students, AMU students;

b.  members of the public, on the basis of detailed rules for collections to be made available that are set up by individual libraries.

23. Certain items cannot be checked out from the Library, including:

a. items from special collections;

b. items from the National Library Resources (Polish: NZB) and the Regional Library Resources  (former NZB resources);

c. items from reference collections;

d. journals and newspapers;

e. non-circulating items;

f. original printed copies of microfilmed and digitalised works;

g. certain dedicated collections due to their publishing date limits.

24. Ordering and reservation of library materials can be done online on the Library’s website or with an order form (call slip) from the traditional card catalogue.

25.   Libraries use computer-based systems to keep a record of books that have been checked out while checked-out items are registered exclusively by their bar codes and the library card.

26.   Upon checking out or returning library materials, the User should check the status of his or her account and report any comments before leaving the library.

27.   In justified cases, the library has the right to demand the return of books on loan before the end of the statutory due time or, while the item is still on loan, stipulate the earlier date of return.

28.   Book loans can be renewed via online catalogue or on the premises of the Library. The user is obliged to present the borrowed work first.

29.   All library users are required to return library materials on time. Users will be held liable for exceeding the loan period. The Library charges a fee for each day of delay.

30.   Readers who provided their library with their e-mail address and agreed to be in contact with the Library, will receive e-mail reminders about the upcoming due date of return of borrowed library materials.

31.   To facilitate the timely return of materials, the library has established loan periods. Full responsibility for the timely return of borrowed materials is assumed by the library user.  Non-receipt of such notices does not absolve library users of the responsibility to return Library materials by their due data or pay fines.

32.   To users who are behind the return date of library materials or with unpaid fines for late return of books, the library sends electronic or traditional notices and reminders. For sending overdue notices by surface mail the library user shall be charged according to the list of charges operative in the library and payable at the return of books.

33.   Evasion of the return of overdue works monitored for a period longer than 21 days and outstanding overdue fines may result in suspension of the reader in the rights to use traditional and electronic services, with the possibility of referring the matter to legal proceedings.

34.   Library Clearance (a statement from the Library that a user’s account has been closed in a regular manner and contains no outstanding loans or fines) from libraries cooperating within the Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries, can be obtained on library clearance slips in any library of the system. The certificates are issued to employees, PhD students and AMU students on the basis of a library card or ID card.

IV. Out-of-town interlibrary loans

35.   Libraries offer an interlibrary loan and document delivery service to obtain materials needed for research and private study from libraries across Poland and abroad. Applicants need to have unexpired library card and no outstanding loans or fines on overdue items borrowed from the libraries of the system.

36.   Users from Adam Mickiewicz University are required to cover any additional costs of bringing library materials as part of interlibrary loans, based on invoices issued by the sending library, or to participate in the costs involved in postal/parcel service in the case of not using the delivered publications.

37.   Users from outside Adam Mickiewicz University are required to cover the costs of bringing library materials as part of interlibrary long-distance borrowing in accordance with the University Library’s List of fees.

38.   Resources from libraries can be made available to other libraries (”ordering library”) in the form of non-returnable copies or originals. The ordering library assumes full responsibility for the borrowed materials.

39.   Ordering library is obliged to make borrowed items available only on the premises of the ordering library.

40.   The borrowing period of the original is determined by the providing/circulating library. In justified cases, this period may be extended at the request of the ordering library

41.   The ordering library is obliged to return the ordered originals on time by insured or registered mail.

42.   Libraries provide ordering libraries with printouts of articles from their electronic resources, unless the license agreement states otherwise.

43.   If the provisions of these Regulations are violated, the ordering library temporarily loses the right to use the library collections through interlibrary long-distance lending. The term of losing the rights is defined by the providing library.

V.  Library deposits

44.   As part of the library and information system, in justified cases, it is possible to lend particular continuous or serial publications to other libraries that form the AMU’s library and information system, in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in deposit agreements between libraries.

VI. Obligations and responsibilities of the User. Code of conduct.

45.   Library users are required to comply with all applicable laws, policies and rules set forth in these Regulations as well as the principles set out therein, in particular with respect to books on loan and library property.

46.   Failure to comply with the regulations as well as taking collections, objects and equipment owned by libraries outside of their premises without necessary formalities, is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of the user in the rights to use traditional and electronic library services, and may result in a request to the court for sanctions.

47.   Users of reading rooms are requested to leave their outer clothing, umbrellas, briefcases and larger bags in the locker room. The library assistant on duty has the right to refuse admission to the reading room to those who do not comply with the above-mentioned rules. If you bring a bag to the reading room, the duty librarian may ask to show its contents before leaving the reading room.

a. To store personal items, libraries may provide lockers whose contents must be emptied by the user until the closing time of the library. If the locker is occupied after closing the library, in order to maintain the safety of the facility, the library reserves the right to open the locker and charge the user for the lock replacement, in the amount consistent with the current list of fees in a given library. The contents of the locker will be deposited with the library manager (manager of the BU Circulation Department). The person collecting the items must accurately describe them and confirm their receipt in the locker opening report.

48.   In the reading rooms and the Informatorium users must not create excessive noise, consume food, smoke or vape. Before entering reading rooms and the Informatorium, mobile phones should be put in the mute mode.

49.   The User bears full financial responsibility for the loss of the loaned items and for any damage found on their return.

50.   In the event of a damage to a book or loss incident, library policies in regard to lost, damaged or overdue materials  apply. The user,  after the consultation with the library manager of a respective library (head of the library’s circulation department) is required to provide an identical copy of the damaged book or a bound double-sided photocopied copy of the lost item (with the original format preserved) or, should the need arise,  provide the Library with other valuable appropriate titles that are in line with the acquisition policy of the Library.

51.   When assessing material losses resulting from the loss or destruction of library material, the market price is taken into account with additional regard to the rarity of the work. By settling liabilities towards the library, the reader does not acquire ownership of the damaged or lost object.

52.   Detailed rules for making library materials available in individual libraries and current messages are to be announced to users.

53.   The terms and conditions for library resources to be made available for commercial purposes are determined each time by the director of the University Library or the head of the faculty library of the UAM library and information system in consultation with the dean or head of the relevant superior unit.

54.   Comments and conclusions regarding the activities of libraries can be submitted directly, by standard post or e-mail to the person managing a given unit.

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