Rules and regulations for the use of the Computer Network of Poznań University Library

General provisions:

  1. The Poznań University Library Computer Network, hereinafter referred to as „the PULCN network”, includes servers, workstations, peripherals and network devices. The PULCN network is part of the University computer network (AMU-NET) administered and supervised by the Computer Centre of Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU).
  2. The PULCN network services provide eligible users with access to the e-resources offered by the Library.
  3. The PULCN network is designed solely for education and research purposes. Each and every user is obliged to duly observe appropriate legal, technological and safety regulations.
  4. It is not permissible to use the computer network for the following purposes:
    • to use it in a manner that is detrimental to the interests or good repute of the University,
    • to contrive and disseminate political propaganda and religious social agendas,
    • to download and disseminate pornographic and racist materials,
    • to use it for commercial purposes,
    • to gain unauthorized access to protected resources,
    • to violate security system of other computer networks and to disseminate computer viruses.
  5. Acts subject to injunctions will be those violating the provisions of Section I, Item 1.4 subject to specific regulations regarding responsibility under the terms of service, civil liability and criminal responsibility.

Duties and responsibilities of PULCN network administrators:

  1. Responsibilities of administrators, supervisors and managers from the PULCN network are assigned to staff members of the IT services of the Library.
  2. The PULCN administrator duties include:
    • coordinating activities that further appropriate and efficient operation of the network devices and systems,
    • co-operation with other network administrators of the AMU-NET network,
    • informing the management of the Library of problems related to proper functioning of the network and possible ways of their solutions,
    • designing and implementation of solutions applicable to the development of the network and network services.
  3. Administrators that have access to classified data and personal data of other users of the network are expected to be obliged to maintain discretion
  4. The administrator has the right to:
    • reduce the size of available resources,
    • modify and delete personal data stored in terminals and servers (after consultation with the user of a given work station),
    • monitor the usage of work stations (with prior notification to the user),
    • inform their appropriate superiors about violations to the regulations,
    • bar users from utilising the entire service or individual functionalities thereof immediately after an alleged violation of the regulations is suspected or a distribution of illegal or offensive content proved.

Rights and obligations of library staff members:

  1. Management, supervisory and administrative personnel having access to classified information and personal data of other users of the network are obliged not to reveal any information that can be attributed to any individual subject.
  2. The User is responsible for the confidentiality of the User’s account information (identified by login and password) and is responsible for all activity on User’s account. Identification data should must not be made accessible to third party.
  3. The User is responsible for ensuring that the computer is not used to compromise the security of the network as it is stated in compliance with the employment code (Section 211 Item 3).
  4. Installation of any additional software or peripherals and hooking up of any new devices to the wired computer network, including privately owned devices, can be exclusively done by administrators of the network. Staff members who wish to have their rights to their computers extended should submit a written application (request for permission) to the Head Librarian. Granting the permission automatically imposes responsibility for the installed software.
  5. All problems related to hardware and software should be immediately reported to staff members of the IT Department of the Library either via the HELPDESK service, in person or by phone.

Rights and obligations of users of the Library:

  1. Users of the Library have the right:
    • to make use of computers available for patrons of the University Library,
    • to have access to electronic resources offered by the Library available in accordance with „The Rules and Regulations for the Use of the Electronic Resources of the AMU Library Network System”,
    • to use their own laptops, netbooks, etc. to get an internet connection on site using the wireless EDUROAM network.
    • to download files to their own data carriers,
    • to have the results of their research (Library resources and the internet), excluding items protected by copy right, downloaded or printed (see the current price table of available services).
  2. It is not allowed:
    • to hook up one’s own computer to the wireless network of the Library without consent of network administrators,
    • to use computers in such a way that may result in damage to the hardware, software and the operation of the network,
    • to copy computer programs owned by the Library,
    • to attempt to compromise the security of the PULCN network, or to carry on operations aimed at decoding passwords or intercepting information carried by the network,
    • to distribute illegal and offensive content, malicious software, commercial spam messages and large-size attachments,
    • to introduce any changes in the configuration of the elements and modules of the PULCN network,
    • to install new computer programs.
  3. Any malfunctioning of library computers should be immediately reported to a librarian on duty.
  4. The librarian on duty has the right to monitor the work performed by the user and terminate it in the case of violation of the rules.
  5. Subject to being satisfied that there is a very strong likelihood of the constraints mentioned in Item IV.4 being violated, staff members of the Library may demand the user to suspend or terminate the contained use or to change the circumstances of this thereof, or demand the user to leave the premises. Any person who refuses to comply with these directions will be asked to leave the computer station.
  6. In the case when the violation of the regulations stipulated in the Rules results in material damage, the primary responsibility is vested in the User as it is stipulated in appropriate regulations of the Civil Code.
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